Tying Up Money by Betting Futures

betting futures

Betting futures can be a fun and profitable way to use your sports knowledge to make money. This is especially true if you think the market has undervalued a team. Let’s say that the Raiders are +1500 to win the AFC West division and you think they have a great chance of pulling it off. You plunk down a grand on that money line at the start of the season. Now the only problem is you have to wait 4-5 months for the bet to pay off. Could that money have been used elsewhere to maximize profit in the meantime? Possibly. This is the conundrum of betting long-term futures.

There are even longer-term futures out there. For instance, BetOnline has futures listed from time to time about far off events. ” Will human make it to Mars by 2025″ is a prop futures bet I see from time to time. Well, even if you know Elon Musk personally and he says that it ain’t happening, you still have to wait three years to see your pay off.

A quicker paying futures bet may be one that is currently on the board: Which NFL Head Coach Will Be the First to Be Fired in 2022? This bet will probably only tie your money up for 8-10 weeks.

When betting futures, make sure the money that is being tied up couldn’t better be risked somewhere else to make a more immediate impact on your bankroll.