The Importance of Finding a Good Sportsbook

will a sportsbook ban you?

Just because a sportsbook advertises on every TV & radio station and you see ads for it on every website does not mean that they will treat you fairly. In fact, some of those very same sportsbooks have a documented history of giving players trouble when they win.

Do Online Sportsbooks Ban Winners? Unfortunately some of them do. Or, they will severely limit how much a player can wager on each game. This becomes especially problematic if you have a large rollover to complete.

Still, there are other sportsbooks who will treat you right no matter if you win all the time or not. After all, today’s sharp may be tomorrow’s mush. You never know when you will heat up or go cold. And neither do they.

It is true that there are some sports bettors who are in the 60%+ winning percentage category for their lifetime. These are not very common and there are probably three players who are are lifetime <40% for every one of them. A sportsbook who cuts off a winner simply isn’t giving that player a chance to lose it back, which is ridiculous.

Just like any business in America, a sportsbook can tell you to go fly a kite. In other words, there are no laws which compel them to do business with you. Your job is to win as much as you can without sticking out like a sore thumb. It’s a good idea to spread large wagers around to other sportsbooks.

How Sportsbooks Will Tell You to Get Lost

There was a video floating around years ago of a guy who hid a camera to record a meeting with a sportsbook manager in Las Vegas because he knew they were about to tell him that they didn’t want his business anymore. I can’t find that video now or I would share it. But, the manager was polite and simply said that they no longer wish to accept the customer’s action. The manager also entertained a bunch of questions from the guy which all lead to the same answer: Basically go away.

Online sportsbooks should reach out to you directly if they decide to limit or ban you for any reason. Email is the most likely way they will do so. A phone call would be a more professional approach. The very worst way they can do it is to just shut off your account without informing you or telling you why. That is cowardice.

If you bet big and win a lot you will draw attention. Try not to make it look like you are taking shots at the sportsbook. They hate that. Shots are categorized as the following things:

  1. Maxing out every bonus offer
  2. Steam chasing every play for maximum amount
  3. Trying anything and everything to take advantage of the sportsbook

The bottom line is this, if you are a player who wins more than he loses, try not to stick out. Try to spread action around at different sportsbooks. And try to use customer service as little as possible. Take your winnings and do not make any fuss.